Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Christmas Ornaments

So I thought I'd share a few pictures of the ornaments my girls and I did several weeks ago. I think I'm going to stock on more plastic ornament balls and supplies as soon as I make it to a sale. I know that this time next year we will be making some more. They're just too easy and fun to do. 

I used plastic ornaments from Michael's in both the smaller and bigger size and filled them with several different items (you can pretty much use anything that'll fit through the opening): tinsel stems, pom poms, foam figures, faux snow, pipe cleaners, pine stems, ribbon and, sequins.

Just remove the cap, fill the ornament balls with whatever you like and put cap back on. So easy your toddler can do them. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Feeling Festive

It seems like these days (or rather weeks) have flown by. I've been busy at home with the girls, a few guests here and there and Christmas decorating. Yes, my mind is in Christmas mode and it's the first time that I've started celebrating this early. I say celebrating because decorating, buying or making ornaments, seeking out lights that have been hidden for a year is, in my book, a way of celebrating; especially when you can share with your kids your love for this holiday and have them be a part of it. On the other hand, Thanksgiving is approaching and although dinner will be our home this year, I haven't started planning and honestly, I'm not really feeling it. Though I don't have a dinner menu, this morning I was singing along to Christmas station on Pandora and lit up our Christmas village. Oh, my priorities...

Our tree is up, to much of the excitement of my daughters. I tried to make of the decorating something special with them by having them help me put up decorations and actually making somewould like for them to be excited each year as winter approaches, to see Christmas not only for the gifts but for the chance to share and be around family; or better yet, I'd like the tree decorating to become a family tradition, something we do together (if only I can get my husband to join us too). Perhaps I ask for too much but, when I think of my childhood, some of my best memories are those of family gatherings (brothers, cousins, uncles/aunts...) not only on Christmas Eve but also on Thanksgiving and New Year's. The holidays felt special and there was always a tree. I'd like something similar for my girls. 

This year will be particularly special because it will be one of the very few times that my entire family  is together; not only will my parents be present but also my first nephew, who will be born at the beginning of december. Anyway, I've been in a very good mood this week, enjoying the Christmas cheer that is slowly taking over the city (I find New York to be at its best during this season). Here a few recent pics:

Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween was a bit different this year and there were some aspects about it that I loved. Stella refused to attend Day Care so she stayed home with me while Lucía went to her party. Stella asked to wear her costume early and since it was lovely out, I took her outside for some pictures. The moment she walked out the door my heart ached because her sister would not join her in the fun nor be photographed with her costume. I smiled and decided to enjoy this special moment between my eldest daughter and I even though a piece of my heart was not there. She has been feeling quite attached lately and these moments alone with me make her extremely happy; and when I see her smile liked she did that morning, it makes me feel that as a mother, I’m doing something right. 

Later that afternoon we picked up Lucy and got ready to go trick-or-treating with cousin Gabi. It was a first for all of us. We knocked on a few doors and the girls were thrilled repeating something that sounded like trick-or-treat. Lucía only wore her costume when she realized we were going out. Maybe next year I’ll have a better chance at photographing her. 

Here’s a few pics of our day:

"Mommy, our flowers are back!"

Two princesses and a bee.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week recap: Pumpkins, Costumes and Coffee

It's 2:00, I'm on my third coffee. Lucia sleeps while Stella makes pizza out of play-doh. Ariel just called and will not be joining us for our early dinner. No cooking: my day just got better. I'll just heat up some leftovers for me and the girls.  I now have some time for myself and can't make  up my mind what to do with it. So I write and edit photos. Shows what my priorities are and how I lack organization. 

Here's what we've been up to this past week:

1. I was able to get over my bad feelings/thoughts and focus on my family and home. Daddy and the girls have been recovering from their colds.

2.  Stella picked out her costume. I was not feeling the princess thing but she insisted and picked out a very pink dress. I would've preferred something with wings and colors. She also picked out a fancy purple mask for me. I'm looking forward to Halloween though I'm not sure what to expect since I don't have much of a plan. There will be a party at day care but Stella refuses to go. She's going through an attachment phase and does not want to be anywhere without me (that's a topic for another post) so I'm not sure she'll make it to the party. I'd like to take them trick-or-treating but we're new to our neighborhood and I'm not sure if kids come out at all. We'll have to wait and see.
Feeling better and playing outdoors. Making pizza. Looking at mommy's baby pictures. Trying on mommy's mask.
3. On Saturday morning my husband surprised me with flowers and coffee. He laughed as my first reaction was to grab the coffee (give me coffee and I'm happy). That evening, we invited a few friends for dinner as we watched the World Series. My husbands favorite team is playing and we've been following them all week.

4. We went to the Fall Festival at the Queens County Farm on Sunday. The place was so crowded that I don't think I'll ever return (to the festival, not the farm). What usually is a peaceful and fun place was a complete nightmare. We walked straight to the pumpkin field and ignored the tents, characters and games. The girls played with dirt and were happy; that was good enough for me. As a bonus, I have some awesome pictures of them:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A selfish post

I have not been feeling my best these past couple of weeks. I've failed miserably in my momma role and though my husband might argue otherwise, I feel like I haven't been "there", there being that place or state of mind where I am in control, excited about doing art projects with the girls, keeping them busy and away from the TV, focused completely on them. Instead, my mind has been overtaken by thoughts of returning to a full time job and everything that goes along with that. Not so long ago, I was not ready or even thinking to start job searching and I wanted to be at home with the girls for at least a year; but the past two weeks have not been easy and I think my feelings have changed. I love my girls very much, more than words can say but there's a void inside me that needs to be tended to. This may sound selfish and not quite the motherly thing to say out loud but, a part of me needs space to breath and grow, time to do things that I love or make me feel productive, things that are not completely tied to homemaking and motherhood. I truly believe that if I had more support or if my mother lived closer these words would not cross my mind.

I have a lot of thinking to do. I should also mention that the whole returning to work thing is not coming from a completely selfish place: I've also been thinking of their future and while being at home is great for their present, it doesn't help pay for future expenses, like college. Anyway, there's plenty of thinking left do to. In the meantime, my focus must return to my girls because this just might be my only chance to be their everything.

Here are the pictures that reminded me of what I've been missing out on these past couple of weeks while my mind has been wandering elsewhere:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween prepping

As I walked outside this morning and felt the chilly wind, it sadden me to realize that winter is approaching. I'm so not ready for cold weather.

Halloween is next week and though we started decorating early, costumes have not been purchased nor have we gone pumpkin picking. October weekends have been busy so pumpkins have had to wait. Hopefully we'll be able to do this on Saturday.

Stella wants to be a princess. Lucía does not understand Halloween yet so I'll have to pick something for her, that is, if she doesn't fit into her sister's old costume. As per Stella's request, I am going to be a witch but I can't paint my face green and if I really want to paint my face, it should be pink, so she says.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Farm

Last week we visited the Queens County Farm. This has become a favorite place for us. Most of the flowers were gone since our last visit and some of the animals were not around, not sure if it was because it was a weekday or the fact that the weather is changing. It was cloudy for most part of the day and beautifully quiet. We didn't do much but walk, run, touch some flowers and take in the silence and all the greenary around us. I watched my girls play and pick stones together, laugh and just BE.  Most of the time I walked in front or behind them, but always watching closely, not wanting to miss for a second their smiles and bliss.