Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated my Stella’s birthday. Everything went well considering the last minute rush to get everything finished on time. I didn’t get to do my hair but luckily enough our guests were late which gave us some extra time. It was a small gathering of family and close friends and the kids seem to have had a wonderful time, which was one of my main goals. The lack of organization and lighting didn’t allow for great pictures before the party but I was able to take a few.

I’d love to take more photos of her in her tutu but I doubt that she will let me dress her in it again (I did try).

She was wonderful. At times, she was not in the greatest mood but once she got over the new faces she felt comfortable and was able to stop clinging to me. She enjoyed her time with her uncles and aunts and looked beautiful in her pink and green tutu. For a moment, I was unsure of the tutu and thought of a dress as plan B but it worked out fine. Same with the headband, for once she didn't seem to mind hair accessory.

The cake balls came were a hit but more so the dipped marshmallows. It was my first try with the marshmallow and as for the cake balls, I did good in doing a trial the week before because otherwise they would  not have been ready for the party and I would've been quite disappointed.

I was so happy with my banner and how the table turned out. This was also my first time creating a banner so it was a big deal for me. There were a few things I wanted to include (like cupcakes and glass vases filled with candy and other goodies) but did not due to time. I now know that for the next party I need to plan way ahead instead of asking my aunt two days before to make me birthday cake because I could not book anyone to do so.
Another hit were the inflatable animals. I loved how excited the kids were when I told them to take one home.

One down and many, many more to come... Happy Birthday, love.