Wife and mother that who dreams on being a writer and photographer. 

That was me back in 2010 when I started this blog, which was then titled: "Lost in mommyhood". Back then, I wanted to chronicle my life and every special moment, feeling and milestone the moment I was pregnant with my first child, but things always got in the way (mostly procrastination) and my notes/thoughts were lost before I was even able to jot them down. I wanted something to look back on as time went by and, most importantly, capture the smaller things that many times go unnoticed, tiny moments that disappear behind every day life. The title  meant exactly that: a woman who had lost herself in motherhood (not necessarily a bad thing) and secretly hoped to reconnect with her old life (or rather self) some day.

Move on to 2014 and I am now a mother of two, who still dreams but is slowly learning to keep her feet on the ground. I don't write or read as often as I'd like but this past year I returned to a hobby that I'm passionate about, photography.  

A year ago I decided to leave my job of eleven years to care for my girls and be more present for my family.  I'm still trying to reconnect with my old self and though I complain much for lack of time, life is good.

And so this blog will be bits of life, motherhood and the things I like and make me smile (and plenty of photos). 

April 2014

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