Thursday, January 1, 2015

Project 52 Catch-up and Completion, Weeks 39-52

It's been a while since I lasted visited this space and Project 52 has really fallen behind. Photos have been taken (though not as often as usual) but I haven't been online much or even taken the time to review and edit my personal pics. I'm happy to say that this project is now complete (all posts here). I'm looking forward to a fresh start and new ways to inspire and nourish this passion of mine.

And here they are, the remaining "Portraits of my children every week, once a week, in 2014":

Week 39: Child's Play. Watching the ducks.
Week 40: Shadows, light and crayons. Nail painting.
Week 41: Umbrellas are for sunny afternoons.
Week 42: Apple and Pumpkin picking.
Week 43: Halloween outfits. Frozen has been a big part of our year.
Week 44: Christmas card photo.
Week 45: Leaf blowing. Christmas tree decorating.
Week 46: Baseball on a cold afternoon. Recycle engineering. (iPhone pics)
Week 47: Dolls. Admiring the tree.
Week 48: Frozen, again.
Week 49: Third visit to doctor's office. It was a harsh winter. (iPhone pic)
Week 50: Candyland. (iPhone pic)
Week 51: Christmas morning.
Week 52: Birthday celebration. (iPhone pic)