Thursday, January 1, 2015

Project 52 Catch-up and Completion, Weeks 39-52

It's been a while since I lasted visited this space and Project 52 has really fallen behind. Photos have been taken (though not as often as usual) but I haven't been online much or even taken the time to review and edit my personal pics. I'm happy to say that this project is now complete (all posts here). I'm looking forward to a fresh start and new ways to inspire and nourish this passion of mine.

And here they are, the remaining "Portraits of my children every week, once a week, in 2014":

Week 39: Child's Play. Watching the ducks.
Week 40: Shadows, light and crayons. Nail painting.
Week 41: Umbrellas are for sunny afternoons.
Week 42: Apple and Pumpkin picking.
Week 43: Halloween outfits. Frozen has been a big part of our year.
Week 44: Christmas card photo.
Week 45: Leaf blowing. Christmas tree decorating.
Week 46: Baseball on a cold afternoon. Recycle engineering. (iPhone pics)
Week 47: Dolls. Admiring the tree.
Week 48: Frozen, again.
Week 49: Third visit to doctor's office. It was a harsh winter. (iPhone pic)
Week 50: Candyland. (iPhone pic)
Week 51: Christmas morning.
Week 52: Birthday celebration. (iPhone pic)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A September Morning

Early Sunday, around 10am, sunny and warm for a late September morning. I had just finished drinking my coffee when I asked the girls if they wanted to go out. We didn’t do much. The girls picked wildflowers (more like weeds) and ran in circles while I clicked away with my camera and smiled every time they found a flower. Nothing extraordinary or different from other random days; in fact, I had completely forgotten about that morning had it not been for the photographs. I was browsing my catalogue for the past few weeks and realized I had neglected some. All of a sudden the memories rushed back to me: their smiles, Lucía doing her silly dance, us running back indoors away from the mosquitos I thought had left along with summer. I know the girls won’t remember ordinary moments like those but I’m glad I can capture some of them; and even though I’m not in the actual images, they’ll know I was there all along… as I always will be.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Week 38: Playground
"Portraits of my children every week, once a week, in 2014."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Project 52: Weeks 36 & 37

Week 36: Raining indoors and morning art.
Week 37: Loving the NYC skyline.
"Portraits of my children every week, once a week, in 2014."